Monday, December 2, 2013

Sounds I like

I had the idea of writing poems the ways children are asked to do at primary school. They choose a colour or an emotion or an idea and write simple poems around the one word. Like 'blue' or 'caterpillar'.

These are about sounds I like. I wanted to use simple and onomatopoeic language to convey impressions rather than larger ideas.

I think I like the humility of small sounds doing useful things.

Here we go:

The long zip zings
of Summer
and travel
and the outdoors.
I shiver.
It is so delicious I do it again.
Each opening and closing
a tiny hint
of change.

Dial up:
In the beginning we waited as the whirr and screech
did its fussy little work.
Something alchemical happened in the ether -
And then -
The World!

The weights I ease to rest in their cradles
clunk -
self satisfied -
a little smirk.
Job done.
A moment conquered.

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