Saturday, February 18, 2012

All are fangle... and x rated

One of my favourite websites is, where the best in Asian English language mangling takes place. It is probably a dying art as English language hegemony advances and Asian cultures learn to speak it in a more conventional fashion.
Meanwhile, i found these in our local dollar stores. The robot one says 'all are fangle and in high quality'. i am not sure what they mean by fangle but i suspect they mean up to date as in new fangled. i suspect this has been translated by a computer, the same one that gave us, on a notice on a bus, the word 'gravid' for pregnant, when referring to women.
The next one, with the little planes like fighters, promise me 'unbelievable stimulation'. Funny, i have had some unpleasant dreams about scary little airplanes that pursue me from the skies and even fly around the corners of buildings to get me and - er - poke me? Hmm. Blogger dashboard confessional.
Anyway, if i wanted unbelievable stimulation i think i would want something a bit less small and sharp and pokey. These things should be x rated!

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