Saturday, November 19, 2011

Binary personality quiz

i have a love hate relationship with pop quizzes. Teen magazines used to have lots of them and still do. They are about topics such as what sort of a best friend are you, and how much do you love Justin Bieber. There are some great internet quizzes. My favourite works out how many baboons i can kill with a giant dildo.

This is a binary either/or quiz designed to reveal aspects of our personalities that may have some roots. For example, Catholic or Protestant? If you say Catholic, maybe you are mystical, enjoy pageantry, appreciate tradition, and have a feel for Latin. If you say Protestant, maybe you like a more austere style, want to question authority, and prefer a communal and level-headed way of being together with others. My idea is to do it quickly, without thinking. There are no right answers. There are just answers. Hint: the last one is probably the most important.

Here goes:

Demi or Selina?

Dior or Miyake?

Alcohol or Cannabis?

Vodka or rum?

Catholic or Protestant?

Sibelius or Tchaikovsky?

Key or Goff?

Beef or chicken?

Hanoi or Saigon?

Plato or Socrates?

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